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Sealcoating equipment and machine reviews

Asphalt Kingdom AK110 220 470 Gallon Sealcoating Spray Machine – Review

The Asphalt Kingdom AK110 220 and 470 gallon sealcoating machines are the big brothers to the AK2200 line. They are built using custom heavy duty steel tanks and Asphalt Kingdoms tried and true sealcoating pump, spray and agitate system.  The pump is powered by a 6.5 HP Intek-Pro series engine that comes standard with an automatic oil shutdown protection which is a must for long running engines. The pump system is cast iron and easy to service. Replacement parts including impellers are readily available.  Keeping spare parts on hand can reduce downtime. The spray wand is attached to the machine via a 75 foot hose giving you the ability to sealcoat a 20,000 square foot area without moving the equipment.

Here are some additional specs on the machine.

  • Steel tank, black paint. End caps are 10 gauge and the tank shell is 14 gauge. Welded and extremely rugged.
  • 6.5 Horsepower Intek-Pro series engine. 1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 2″ Cast Iron centrifugal seal pump with durable Viton Seals, 45 psi output at 225 gpm with a  year manufacturers warranty.
  • Unique and simple agitation and Recirculation System that circulates at 225 Gallons Per Minute. A control valve is used to fluctuate the re-circulation speed so you are guaranteed to have mixed sealer that is ready to be applied in just minutes. Also, the continuous flow returning to tank prevents pump seal problems when the spray gun is shut-off since the material has somewhere to go and does not build up pressure.
  • 75 feet of high quality hose with wand.
  • Spray gun with ball-valve operation, 5 interchangeable quick connect sealer spray tips so that you can match the job site that your on.
  • Extremely simple to operate. Two valves that allow you to either spray the sealcoating material or recirculate.
  • Compatible with coal tar, acrylic and latex sealcoating material.  Asphalt kingdom can provide the material.

Here are the dimensions of each model.
110 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 30″W X 36″L.
220 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 39″W X 49″L.
470 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 49″W X 60″L.

Sealcoating Spray System – Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-B (55 Gallon Drum) Review

The Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-B 55 gallon drum system is very similar to the AK2200-T system.  The only difference is the holding tank type and capacity.  The smaller 55 gallon drum unit is sufficient to sealcoat 5500 square feet of asphalt whereas the larger model will do 27,500.  The main advantage of the smaller machine is portability and a slightly lower purchase price. Also, a metal drum is very strong and not prone to leaking.  Because of the flexibility of these systems you would always have the option of upgrading to a larger tank or purchasing additional 55 gallon drums.

The machine comes with the drum, pump and spray wand. One question people ask is whether the machine will pump sand.  It will.  Pumping sand will shorten the impeller life but parts can be easily replaced and having sand mixed in with the sealcoat is an important way to increase safety and reduce your liability.

Here is what I like about the smaller rig. Lets say you go to a job and you have three 55 gallon drums full of sealcoat.  You knock out that job and get another next door and are getting low on sealcoat.  Since you have three drums your helper could take two and get them filled while you sealcoat with the last drum.  Changing drums is just a matter of switching the lid.

Basically, this model is for small jobs.  If portability is not an issue and you expect to sealcoat larger driveways or parking lots then I would recommend the AK2200-T model.

The 55 gallon AK2200-B runs about $1,550 and is often advertised at Asphalt Kingdom with free shipping which is great.  I highly recommend Asphalt Kingdom.  They have a broad variety of very reasonably priced equipment and give good service.  Their equipment is simple yet very rugged.  Simplicity is key when it comes to keeping your equipment up because downtime means no revenue.

Sealcoating Spray System – Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-T (Poly Tank) Review

The AK2200-T Sealcoating Spray System comes with a 275 gallon caged poly tank and a heavy duty pump that agitates the tank and sprays the material. The spray wand is also included so that all you need to do is add sealcoat and you are ready to start making money. This 275 gallon tank system is ideal for small sealcoating companies and for parking lot owners and property managers. The coverage per tank is about 27,500 square feet per tank which is the size of a nice size parking lot. Because this is a spray system it is able to complete jobs quickly. This simple machine can sealcoat about 600 square feet every 15 minutes. At 20 cents a square foot that is roughly $120 per 15 minutes or $480 per hour.

The 275 gallon AK2200-T or ASD275 machine will run you from $1,200 – $2000 depending upon where you purchase it. Some companies offer free shipping. Also, make sure to purchase from a company that will provide you with support after the sale.  Here are some of the specifications for this machine.

  • Unit Weight – 210 lbs (empty)
  • Unit Dimensions – 48” W, 48” L, 52” H
  • Material Compatibility – coal tar, asphalt emulsion, acrylic and latex sealer.
  • Power – 5.5 to 6.5 HP Briggs engine with 2” centrifugal seal coating pump.
  • Spray Tips.
  • 50 feet of sealer hose with sealer spray wand.

One question people often have about these machines is whether it will pump sand.  The answer is yes.  The machine will pump and spray sand.  Keep in mind that when spraying any abrasive through a pump, the life of the pump impeller will be shortened.  However, the replacement parts are readily available and easily replaced.  No matter which machine you purchase, impeller replacement will always be part of your general machine maintenance.

Sand is important because a parking lot that is sealcoated without sand will be slippery when wet and people will slip and fall.

The AK2200-T has another feature that is really practical.  That is its agitation method.  Most machines use a mechanical system which work well but have moving parts.  The Asphalt Kingdom machine uses the pump for agitation.  An entire tank of sealcoat can be mixed in just minutes using this method.

The video below shows the machine in use.  There is no denying that this simple machine does the job.  The AK2200-T costs much less than competitive machines but seems to deliver the performance needed to do the job, make the customer happy and get you paid.

Neal Manufacturing ESSP 550 750 Sealcoating Machine Review

Neal Manufacturing has been a leader in the sealcoating equipment industry for over 30 years. They manufacture the industries toughest and most powerful sealcoating systems. They produce both the spray systems and the ride on spray/squeegee systems. Neal Manufacturing systems are manufactured using only the highest quality and longest lasting components. Also, they use components that are easy to service so that when maintenance is necessary it is as easy as possible. Their goal is to create high production machines that stay on the job and not in the shop.

The ESSP 550 or 750 Sealcoating Spray Rigs include a 550 gallon or 750 gallon tank and a high powered spray system. They spray sealcoat along with sand which is important for safety and liability reasons. The tank and sprayer come on a rugged dual axle trailer for safe delivery to and from the site. These highly maneuverable ESSP 550 and 750 Trailers are ideal for driveways to medium sized parking lots. The optional distributor bar and second hand wand transform the ESSP systems into ultra high volume sealcoating machines for enhanced efficiency and higher production.

ESSP Trailer Sealcoating Machine Features

550 or 750 gallon sealcoat material capacity
ESSP 100 Gallon Per Minute Pump
2.5 gallon material filter for extended spray periods
16 HP Gas Briggs and Stratton Vanguard© twin cylinder engines
Price Range – $15,000 +

The video below shows the Neal Machine and is also a great instructional video. (produced by Neal Manufacturing)

Sealmaster Sandpup Sealcoating Machine Review

The Sealmaster Sand Pup is one of the more affordable sealcoating machines on the market. The base model runs around $3,000. With the base model you would feed sealer and sand to the unit via a 55 gallon drum. This is one of the least expensive ways to get a spray unit that will pump sand. Note – without sand the applied sealcoat will become slippery when wet and create a hazard as well as liability for the customer and sealcoat company.

The Sand Pup can also be purchased with a tank on a skid for a little over $7,000 and on a trailer for around $8,000. The skid unit is designed to be placed in the back of a pickup or on a trailer. The trailer model is designed to be towed. Both are self contained and self powered. All Sand Pup units will spray pavement sealers with sand which is an important feature.

All Sand Pup units are powered by a dependable Honda engine and are fitted with heavy duty parts. Also, all units can apply crack filler as well as sealcoat. A Sand Pup and Sand Pup II are available. The Model II has a larger compressor and pump for greater production. If you start with the basic $3,000 model, keep in mind that you can modify it yourself and add a tank and trailer at a later time.

All Sealmaster machines are well built and if cared for they will give you years and years of quality service. I would give the Sand Pup a fairly high rating overall. Especially for small companies or larger companies who want a second rig for smaller lots. The ony thing I would say is that you may be able to shop around and find a similar machine for a lower price. It is a choice between possibly paying a little more and having Sealmaster stand behind the product or paying less and dealing with another company. Sealmaster is a great company and having them stand behind the equipment you purchase is definately a plus.

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