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Sealcoating Spray System – Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-T (Poly Tank) Review

The AK2200-T Sealcoating Spray System comes with a 275 gallon caged poly tank and a heavy duty pump that agitates the tank and sprays the material. The spray wand is also included so that all you need to do is add sealcoat and you are ready to start making money. This 275 gallon tank system is ideal for small sealcoating companies and for parking lot owners and property managers. The coverage per tank is about 27,500 square feet per tank which is the size of a nice size parking lot. Because this is a spray system it is able to complete jobs quickly. This simple machine can sealcoat about 600 square feet every 15 minutes. At 20 cents a square foot that is roughly $120 per 15 minutes or $480 per hour.

The 275 gallon AK2200-T or ASD275 machine will run you from $1,200 – $2000 depending upon where you purchase it. Some companies offer free shipping. Also, make sure to purchase from a company that will provide you with support after the sale.  Here are some of the specifications for this machine.

  • Unit Weight – 210 lbs (empty)
  • Unit Dimensions – 48” W, 48” L, 52” H
  • Material Compatibility – coal tar, asphalt emulsion, acrylic and latex sealer.
  • Power – 5.5 to 6.5 HP Briggs engine with 2” centrifugal seal coating pump.
  • Spray Tips.
  • 50 feet of sealer hose with sealer spray wand.

One question people often have about these machines is whether it will pump sand.  The answer is yes.  The machine will pump and spray sand.  Keep in mind that when spraying any abrasive through a pump, the life of the pump impeller will be shortened.  However, the replacement parts are readily available and easily replaced.  No matter which machine you purchase, impeller replacement will always be part of your general machine maintenance.

Sand is important because a parking lot that is sealcoated without sand will be slippery when wet and people will slip and fall.

The AK2200-T has another feature that is really practical.  That is its agitation method.  Most machines use a mechanical system which work well but have moving parts.  The Asphalt Kingdom machine uses the pump for agitation.  An entire tank of sealcoat can be mixed in just minutes using this method.

The video below shows the machine in use.  There is no denying that this simple machine does the job.  The AK2200-T costs much less than competitive machines but seems to deliver the performance needed to do the job, make the customer happy and get you paid.