Asphalt Kingdom AK110 220 470 Gallon Sealcoating Spray Machine – Review

The Asphalt Kingdom AK110 220 and 470 gallon sealcoating machines are the big brothers to the AK2200 line. They are built using custom heavy duty steel tanks and Asphalt Kingdoms tried and true sealcoating pump, spray and agitate system.  The pump is powered by a 6.5 HP Intek-Pro series engine that comes standard with an automatic oil shutdown protection which is a must for long running engines. The pump system is cast iron and easy to service. Replacement parts including impellers are readily available.  Keeping spare parts on hand can reduce downtime. The spray wand is attached to the machine via a 75 foot hose giving you the ability to sealcoat a 20,000 square foot area without moving the equipment.

Here are some additional specs on the machine.

  • Steel tank, black paint. End caps are 10 gauge and the tank shell is 14 gauge. Welded and extremely rugged.
  • 6.5 Horsepower Intek-Pro series engine. 1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 2″ Cast Iron centrifugal seal pump with durable Viton Seals, 45 psi output at 225 gpm with a  year manufacturers warranty.
  • Unique and simple agitation and Recirculation System that circulates at 225 Gallons Per Minute. A control valve is used to fluctuate the re-circulation speed so you are guaranteed to have mixed sealer that is ready to be applied in just minutes. Also, the continuous flow returning to tank prevents pump seal problems when the spray gun is shut-off since the material has somewhere to go and does not build up pressure.
  • 75 feet of high quality hose with wand.
  • Spray gun with ball-valve operation, 5 interchangeable quick connect sealer spray tips so that you can match the job site that your on.
  • Extremely simple to operate. Two valves that allow you to either spray the sealcoating material or recirculate.
  • Compatible with coal tar, acrylic and latex sealcoating material.  Asphalt kingdom can provide the material.

Here are the dimensions of each model.
110 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 30″W X 36″L.
220 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 39″W X 49″L.
470 Gallon Tank Dimensions: 49″W X 60″L.