Sealcoating Spray System – Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-B (55 Gallon Drum) Review

The Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-B 55 gallon drum system is very similar to the AK2200-T system.  The only difference is the holding tank type and capacity.  The smaller 55 gallon drum unit is sufficient to sealcoat 5500 square feet of asphalt whereas the larger model will do 27,500.  The main advantage of the smaller machine is portability and a slightly lower purchase price. Also, a metal drum is very strong and not prone to leaking.  Because of the flexibility of these systems you would always have the option of upgrading to a larger tank or purchasing additional 55 gallon drums.

The machine comes with the drum, pump and spray wand. One question people ask is whether the machine will pump sand.  It will.  Pumping sand will shorten the impeller life but parts can be easily replaced and having sand mixed in with the sealcoat is an important way to increase safety and reduce your liability.

Here is what I like about the smaller rig. Lets say you go to a job and you have three 55 gallon drums full of sealcoat.  You knock out that job and get another next door and are getting low on sealcoat.  Since you have three drums your helper could take two and get them filled while you sealcoat with the last drum.  Changing drums is just a matter of switching the lid.

Basically, this model is for small jobs.  If portability is not an issue and you expect to sealcoat larger driveways or parking lots then I would recommend the AK2200-T model.

The 55 gallon AK2200-B runs about $1,550 and is often advertised at Asphalt Kingdom with free shipping which is great.  I highly recommend Asphalt Kingdom.  They have a broad variety of very reasonably priced equipment and give good service.  Their equipment is simple yet very rugged.  Simplicity is key when it comes to keeping your equipment up because downtime means no revenue.