Titan Speeflow Powrliner 1800 (Speedflow Powerliner) Parking Lot Striper Review

The Titan Speeflow Powrliner 1800 (Powerliner) is an upgrade from the very popular model 800.  The 1800 is more powerful and better suited for commercial work.  It is a great entry level basic line striper and is great for spraying quality lines on medium sized parking lots and  on grass or turf. It weighs 120 pounds which is almost double the weight of the model 800 which weighs 65 lbs.  Most of this extra weight is in the engine and pump system both of which are more powerful than the 800. The model 1800 is powered by a dependable  4.3 horsepower motor.   The Speeflow Powrliner 1800 is equipped with an LX-40 spray tip that is reversible and attached to the machine via a 50 foot spray hose. This allows the user to detach the spray gun to spray stencils, car stops, and curbing. This commercial level Titan machine is designed to carry a 5 gallon bucket and still be easy to maneuver. It features an adjustable swivel front wheel which enables you to do straight and curved stripes.  The wheel will lock at any position for smooth curves.  The Titan Speeflow Powrliner (speedflow powerliner) 1800 runs around $2,500 retail making it a very affordable commercial quality machine.  Asphalt Kingdom is a great place to purchase these machines.

The pros of this machine are that it is affordable and does a good job of laying down stripes in parking lot and field applications.  Also, it will pull paint straight from a bucket.   The cons are that the machine is not one that a novice could work on themselves like the Trueline machines by Trusco Mfg.

  • This Titan PowrLiner has a unique modular frame design that allows you to move the handle to the front to create a rear wheel caster configuration for specific job requirements.
  • 4.3 HP Gasoline engine● 0.50 GPM paint pumping rate ● 3300 PSI ● .023″ Max Tip Size
  • Simple, compact design weighs only 128 lbs –
  • Powered by a dependable, easy start 4.3 HP Robin-Subaru Overhead CAM engine
  • Equipped with LX-40 spray gun and SC-6 Reversible Striping Tip with ¼”ID x 50′ anti-static spray hose
  • Spray gun can be mounted on right or left side of unit which is a great feature when dealing with car stops.
  • Designed to carry 5-gallon pail of paint and maintain is maneuverability.
  • Adjustable front tire can be locked at any angle for consistent curve striping.

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