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Sealmaster Sandpup Sealcoating Machine Review

The Sealmaster Sand Pup is one of the more affordable sealcoating machines on the market. The base model runs around $3,000. With the base model you would feed sealer and sand to the unit via a 55 gallon drum. This is one of the least expensive ways to get a spray unit that will pump sand. Note – without sand the applied sealcoat will become slippery when wet and create a hazard as well as liability for the customer and sealcoat company.

The Sand Pup can also be purchased with a tank on a skid for a little over $7,000 and on a trailer for around $8,000. The skid unit is designed to be placed in the back of a pickup or on a trailer. The trailer model is designed to be towed. Both are self contained and self powered. All Sand Pup units will spray pavement sealers with sand which is an important feature.

All Sand Pup units are powered by a dependable Honda engine and are fitted with heavy duty parts. Also, all units can apply crack filler as well as sealcoat. A Sand Pup and Sand Pup II are available. The Model II has a larger compressor and pump for greater production. If you start with the basic $3,000 model, keep in mind that you can modify it yourself and add a tank and trailer at a later time.

All Sealmaster machines are well built and if cared for they will give you years and years of quality service. I would give the Sand Pup a fairly high rating overall. Especially for small companies or larger companies who want a second rig for smaller lots. The ony thing I would say is that you may be able to shop around and find a similar machine for a lower price. It is a choice between possibly paying a little more and having Sealmaster stand behind the product or paying less and dealing with another company. Sealmaster is a great company and having them stand behind the equipment you purchase is definately a plus.

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