Beeliner Paint Striper Model 400 600 700

The Beeliner Line Striper is an easy to use and very affordable parking lot striper. It would be an alternative to the more expensive gasoline powered paint stripers. Unlike the Graco, Kelly Creswell, Airlessco and other gasoline machines they are easy to maintain yourself and would never need to be taken to a shop for repair. The Beeliner striping machine utilizes a stainless steel pressure tank where paint that has been thinned is pressurized and fed into a paint box that slides along the pavement or turf. The box allows for a nice clean line even in windy conditions. The Model 400 is a hand pump only machine and the two more expensive models can be pressurized via a hand pump or an auxiliary pressure tank. See details below.

Beeliner Model 400 Features:

* 3 gallon Stainless Steel Paint Tank with manually pressurized Hand Pump, dispenses paint with 20-25 lbs. of pressure
* 3/4″ Steel Frame has 7″ solid wheels

Beeliner Model 600 Features:

* 3 gallon Stainless Steel Paint Tank with built-in Auxiliary Hand Pump for times when your main tank runs out of pressure.
* 5 gallon Air Tank. Will empty the 3 gallon Paint Tank 3 times before refilling * 3/4″ Steel Frame.
* 10″ Pneumatic rear Tires and the 8″ front wheels make it easier to maneuver over rougher asphalt, cement or turf

Beeliner Model 700 Features:

* 7 gallon Stainless Steel Paint Tank with Auxiliary Hand pump which comes in handy if you run out of compressed air. Tank lifts off for easy cleaning
* 7 gallon Air Tank, 100 PSI
* 3/4″ Steel Frame

All Beeliner models have a full floating spray head that can be flipped over for left or right hand striping. Also, each model comes with a 4″ striping box or shoe. (2″ and 6″ shoes are available)

The Beeliner stripers have been around since 1963 and are good, simple to use machines for small to medium sized parking lots. The Beeliner is capable of doing commercial work but lack some of the features that commerical jobs often require such as a hand sprayer. If you are mainly putting lines down on the ground they will do a fine job. If you are looking to do larger commercial jobs you may want to look into the Trusco Mfg – Trueline Machines. They are similar to the Beeliners but are geared more towards commercial striping. We have a review for the Trusco Machines at the link to the right. Overall , the Beeliner is a simple easy to use machine and would be a fine primary or backup striper for a small striping company.