Choosing a Name

Once you have decided to start a parking lot striping company and have chosen the form of business you will use, you will want to choose a name for your company. Your company name should make it clear what you do, should be easy to remember, and should sound professional. Long, complicated names are often hindrances to your business’s success. It is also important to keep in mind that most listings are alphabetical. Therefore, if you choose a name like “Zorro’s Striping”, you will always be last on the list. If you choose “AAA Stripe & Seal”, you will always be first. Search the internet for striping company names. If you are in Florida and someone is California has a name you like you can most likely use it because you are in different states.

If you are forming a corporation, you can visit your State’s division of corporations on the internet and see if the name you want is available. If an online search is not available you can call them. If you are forming a sole proprietorship or partnership you will need to check with your county clerk about filing for a fictitious name. One rule of thumb for most states and counties is that if you use your own name and then “striping company” you do not have to file for a fictitious name since that is your legal name already. Check with your local business license office to be sure. Whatever you pick, make sure you like it because it is an inconvenience to have to change it later.

Here are some good names that I have seen over the years:

Stripe Right
Pro Stripe
True Line Striping
Stripe Masters
Stripe a Lot
Quality Striping
Pavement Pros
Affordable Line Striping

That is just a few. Good luck with your business.

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