Line Lazer / Laser Line Striper by Graco

For decades, the Graco Line Lazer had been the standard for the parking lot striping industry. They are quality machines powered by Honda engines.

The Graco Line Laser or Lazer is one of the most popular parking lot stripers in the industry and has been for decades. They are easy to use and maintain and provide professional quality lines from the first day. To use the machine you simply insert the suction nozzle into your 5 gallon bucket of paint. Then crank the machine and stripe. It is just about that simple. Several adjustments are available to you to fine tune the stripe.

Graco Line Lazers feature a swivel wheel and ergonomic handlebars and are considered a very user friendly striper for both straight and curved lines. They are designed for both experienced stripers and for those who are new to the business or for sealcoaters expanding into striping. Graco Line Lazers are perfect for parking lot and sealcoat contractors, schools, government agencies, manufacturers and park departments. Because of its ease of use and versatility it is a great “cross-over” unit for striping both parking lots and sports fields.

A Graco Line Lazer / Laser will generally run from $3,500 – $8,000 depending on the model that you purchase. Some of the more expensive models feature line layout technology which helps you layout perfectly spaced lines by spraying little dots at pre-spaced intervals thus marking the beginning of your lines. When used properly this feature can reduce job time and increase precision making your company much more time efficient.

Those who want a self propelled striping machine can add a motorized Line Driver to any unit. The line driver lets you ride and stripe. Self propelled units are generally used for large parking lots or road striping and most stripers prefer the push type in small or medium parking lot applications.

The Graco Line Lazer / Laser Parking lot striper has been a popular choice among professional stripers for decades and will no doubt continue to be well into the future.

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