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Graco Thermolazer Thermoplastic Line Lazer/Laser Review

The Graco Thermolaser/Thermolazer Thermoplastic Line Laser is one of the newest thermoplastic line stripers on the market. This machine is Graco’s entry into this market and they have tried to create a machine that is user friendly like their Line Lazer paint stripers. Graco is a leader in paint spraying machines but has no prior track record in thermoplastic. The engineers at Graco have applied their expertise in paint stripers to the new Thermolazer. The machine performs well and looks good. Only time will tell if Graco’s expertise in paint stripers is going to carry over into the of thermoplastic striping world. Here are some features of the new thermolazers :

* ControlFlow System – Precise control of the molten material via a squeeze lever.
* Split Reflective Glass Bead System – Split glass bead hopper holds over 90 lbs of spheres. System allows fast line width changes without the need for tools.
* Spring Guard Protection System – Extends spring life plus no tools are necessary for removal and installation.
* Easy Glide Tire System – First thermoplastic line striper with dual rear wheels and Fat Track Front Swivel for smooth LineLazer-like handling.
* Infrared Die Heating System – keeps die ready for use (no flame)
* High Capacity Hopper System – 20-50% larger material hopper for fewer refills. 300 pound capacity.
* Smooth Ride Pneumatic Tires – Air filled, high load tires provide great maneuverability and less resistance.
* Optional Double Bead Distribution System Kit available. Easily installed.
* Electronic Ignition System – just push a button to start the main heating unit.

The swivel wheel is in the front on the Thermolazer which some stripers find a bit cumbersome. Other thermoplastic stripers have the wheel in the back which makes maneuvering easier since the operator is in the back as well.

A Graco ThermoLazer / Laser will run from $11,000 – $14,500. This is about double the price of comparable thermoplastic handliners so you should shop around and determine what you are getting for your investment before making a decision. We have some links below to reviews on comparable thermoplastic stripers that you can use to compare features and prices. When comparing machines make sure to check the total weight. The lighter the machine, the easier it will be to handle. Also, the Graco Thermo Lazer uses the swivel front wheel which works well on their paint stripers. However, many thermoplastic machine manufacturers have placed their wheel in the back. There is going to be a difference in performance because of the wheel position and the weight of a fully loaded machine. You should try both types of machines to see which is the easiest to manuever.

If you want a self propelled parking lot striper you can add the “Line Driver” to your unit. This unit lets you ride and stripe. Self propelled units are generally only used for large parking lots or roads. Most stripers prefer the push type for simplicity and precision.

The Graco Parking lot striper has been a popular choice among professional stripers for decades and will certainly continue to be well into the future.

Here is a great video demonstrating the Thermo Line Lazer. It shows the machine in action and also shows you how to make symbols with this amazing machine.